Plumbing & Sanitaryware

Plumbing and Sanity

All Systems UK Ltd offer a wide range of plumbing and sanitaryware services including:

  • Unvented hot water systems / cylinders  installation and repairs – e.g. Altrasteel, Heatrae, Megaflo, Oso, Range, Santon, Gedhill
  • Gravity hot water system installation
  • Complete bathroom installations including wet rooms
  • Bathroom sanitaryware fitting of showers, baths, toilets and basins
  • Kitchen plumbing works fault finding – e.g. leaks, dripping taps
  • Kitchen plumbing works installs – e.g. waste disposal units, water softeners
  • Bathroom plumbing works – e.g. problematic toilet flushing, shower pressures
  • Plumbing repipe works
  • Soil & waste pipe installation
  • Tiling
  • Plastering

For more information on any of our services or for a free quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why you should not pour hot cooking fat down your kitchen sink………

The pictures below are an example of where hot cooking fat has been poured into a kitchen sink. The fat solidifies and over a period of time will eventually block the trap under the sink as below and cause a blockage.


TIP – to save a blocked sink, pour hot cooking fat into a bowl and allow to cool and solidify before disposing of in a bin – DO NOT pour hot cooking fat down your kitchen sink!

Why water softeners are a good idea in hard water areas ………

The inside of a hot water cylinder without the use of a water softener.


The pictures above show the inside of a hot water cylinder without the use of a water softener. A build up of scale in a hot water cylinder reduces its efficiency, and thus costs more to run. Such scale could also reduce the life of a cylinder as well.

Why you should have a cover over your hot water tank ………

It is important that you keep your hot water tank covered. This poor little creature was found blocking the water outlet in a customers tank recently, avoid the same problem by covering up!



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